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Technical faults on the leftist journalism

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A day after the judgment of the Strasbourg Court saying that Mr. Gómez de Liaño had not an independent and impartial judgment, the leftist journalism is saying that this is a technical fault on the judgment, and that, at the end, is a delinquent judge, insistint on that: of course, prevarication.

Well, there is clearly a default or a symptom on the leftists that is spread all over the Spanish society: only them are right. The conservatives are always wrong. Under that premise, everything that is against them, against their ideology, against their business (at least, this is all) is wrong and must be destroyed. They, the leftists, are the only ones who can teach the society (and thus the conservative) on how to solve all the problems, on what is social politics, human rights and all that list of nonsenses that are mentioned when the leftists do not have nothing useful to say. This is the so called moral supremacy of the leftists. The real leimotif of the left.

An idea that is false. And an argument is this: the conservative did, on all the last century, a huge reflection about the different anomalies of the right, such as Hitler, Franco, Mussolini… The leftists did not do anything about their anomalies: Pol Pot, Stalin, Fidel Castro. But their propaganda is better.

Back to the judgment: there is something ridiculous, not to say stupid, to insist on the mistake. The Strasbourg Court sentenced the Spanish government because the trial was not just. Neither impartial. So the judges were not partial. So the sentence is contaminated. So an impartial court surely did not condemned Mr. Gómez de Liaño to nothing, and surely allowed him to continue with the investigations in the denunciation against the Grupo Prisa.

It is cristal clear that there are technical faults on the leftist journalism. A cancer of words.

Europe amends the Spanish justice

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Mr. Javier Gómez de Liaño was a judge that was doing his job on the Audiencia Nacional, the special courts set in Spain to combat specific crimes such as corruption, drug traffic and others. Mr. Javier Gómez de Liaño was also, around 1.995, member of the Consejo General del Poder Judicial, the Council that governs the jugdes in Spain.

On 1.997, Mr. Javier Gómez de Liaño started investigating a possible appropiation of the deposits of the users of the pay TV in Spain, which belonged to the Grupo Prisa, a media group that comprises the radiostations SER and Los 40 principales, the newspaper El País and, of course, the TV channel Canal +. In front of this Grupo Prisa was Jesús Polanco. Jesús de Polanco was a business man who created all his fortune under Francisco Franco dictatorship, with companies such as Santillana, and contracts related to the books for the Spanish schools. After Francisco Franco’s death, Mr. Jesús de Polanco bet very loudly for the PSOE win, and since that established a relationship with this political party. It is not necessary to forget that, due to the leadership of the newspaper El País, Mr. Polanco had a very high power of influence, and the PSOE knew that, utilising this newspaper (and also the SER radiostation) on its propaganda efforts and actions.

Due to this relationship, Mr. Polanco obtained the license of Canal +, one of the three new TV channels, and the only channel that was under a model of pay-tv. More than that: taking advantage of the socialist influence, MR. Polanco buyed the first radiostation Antena-3, a unique situation in the world on which the second company bought the first one. A court pronounced a judgment indicating that this purchase needed to be undone (judgment not fulfilled neither by the different PSOEs governments nor by the PP governments).

On the investigation that was done by Mr. Javier Gómez de Liaño, Mr. Polanco and the Grupo Prisa used all its power not only to separate Mr. Gómez de Liaño of the case, but also to destroy him and his reputation. Under this, the Grupo Prisa accused the judge of prevarication. And they obtained. And the Supreme Court, with a majority of judges on that supreme court were leftists and so they were not impartian. And not only they dismiss the investigations of Mr. Gómez de Liaño; they condemned Mr. Gómez de Liaño for prevarication, preventing him for being a judge. One of the judges were Enrique Bacigalupo, an Argentinian leftist judge in Spain. Very strange, but let me remember that the PSOE created a new method for being a judge that allowed some “recognized prestige” people to become a judge without having to pass the usual examinations; a method that allowed leftist people to become judge with no experience on the Spanish laws and regulations. Other judge was Gregorio García Ancos, linked to the PSOE. And the third judge was José Manuel Martínez-Pereda, that expressed a opposite position of the two previous judges.

When Mr. Aznar become president of the Spanish government, Mr. Gómez de Liaño was reprieved, but after a great pressure of the PSOE and the leftists judges, encouraged, of course, by Mr. Polanco’s Grupo Prisa, he was not allowed to return to the Audiencia Nacional. Mr. Liaño then resigned and become an attorney. He also wrote some books, some of them regarding the justice, and some novels (La casa de los Momos is a beautiful book).

Now, the Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg sentenced today that he had not an impartial judgement, and condemned the Spanish government to pay him 5.000 euro as indemnification. Good news for Mr. Gómez de Liaño, an honest judge, an honest person. And bad news for the Spanish justice. It is important to remember that the Spanish Constitutional Court refused the protection to this person on this case.

This is a real sympton of the politicization and the rot of the Spanish justice. And now Mr. Zapatero wants to renew the Consejo General del Poder Judicial and the Supreme Court, and seems that Mr. Rajoy is willing to contribute to this.

Everything more rotten.


From here, I would like to express my deeper personal respect to D. Javier, and say to him, although I do not know him personally, that I am very glad about the news.

Civil rights in crisis? Who will pay it?

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In economic crisis times, the Spanish government is shocked. Inaction is the best word that describes the govern of Mr. Zapatero. Inaction and propaganda.

Mr. Zapatero’s economic measures are useless and the figures are proving that the crisis is deeper that expected. Today we know that the deficit has come to the Spanish accounts and this is only the last bad news. Deficit, unemployment, lack of money for financing (both on the public and on the private sector), bankruptcy of leader companies… This are the real consequences of the economic management of the Mr. Zapatero’s era. Consequences originated by the lack of action (and reaction) on the previous four years: no economic measure was taken on the first four years, and the socialist government lived and took profit of the heritage of the Aznar governments. There was no forecast, although all the indicators were pointing to the crisis. No forecast and action. Altough the “goosefeet” of the PP and famous economists wer saying that the crisis was coming.

Now, after the inaction, the propaganda of the socialists, Now they saying that, although there is an economic  crisis, the socialists are not resigning to go deeper on the “civil rights”. Nice, but… what are those civil rights? Because the civil rights on which the socialist government insisted on during the last years were the laicism, the gay marriage… But those do not costs too much money.

Today, Mr. Blanco, vice-general secretary of the PSOE; named the real civil rights the PSOE government is going to go deeper: scholarships, pensions. Mr. Blanco, at least, named them. The point here is..- who will pay it? Increasing the Spanish deficit is good, but there are limits, such as in any family economy. At the end, someone will pay it. More taxes, direct (VAT or IVA) or indirect (gasoline, tolls, etc.) Mr. Blanco not only need to say what are the “civil rights”; he need to explain who is going to pay them and how. That is: he have to resign doing propaganda and start explaining the Spanish society were the money will come to fund that rights.

Less propaganda and more action. And explanation. Mr. Blanco, “El ineto”, unfortunately, needs more evenings to study economics. As well as Mr. Zapatero.

“La pela es la pela” or the revolt of a “charnego”

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Charnego, is Catalan slang, refers to a person who was not born in Catalonia, but lives in Catalonia for a long time. Do you know a “charnego”? José Montilla, the current president of the Catalonia Autonomic Region, is a “charnego”; he was born on Iznájar – Córdoba – Andalusia (by the way, a village with a Moorish origin name).

It is symptomatic that, usually, the worst nationalists in Spain were those who were born out of the nation they are claiming. A clear example is José Montilla: reviled by the nationalists (leftists such as ERC and conservative, such as CiU) for become the first “charnego” presiding the Catalonia Autonomic Region, and also reviled by the non-nationalists because of that. The problem with those worst nationalists are that they need to be more extremists to hide their “charnego” origin. It happens always.

There is a miser’s legend on the Catalans in Spain, identifying the Catalans as greedy and stingy. And Mr. Montilla, the leader of the PSC (the PSOE faction in Catalonia) is exceeding expectations as a bad “charnego”. “La pela es la pela”, as they used to say. This is not the problem.

The problem is that this collecting greed is a move to hide the Catalan situation, with a lot of companies fleeing from Catalonia to other countries or locations with a cheaper workforce, and with an increase of unemployment and lack of rights on the population. The problem that the claim for more independence, more funds and more differentiation is the only solution of the PSOE on Catalonia for not loosing the power and for fighting the other political forces (specially CiU) with the same arms. And if the PSOE only has the nationalists arms in Catalonia, who is defending Spain there?

The same happens in the Basque Autonomic Region with the PSOE. But the thing is… To whom do I have to believe? Do I have to believe the PSOE in Spain or in Catalonia? Do I have to believe the PSOE in Spain or in the Basque Autonomic Region, or in Galicia, or in the Balearic Islands? What is the real face of the PSOE?

The real face of the PSOE is… none. It does not have any face that the ones that can allow it to gain or retain the power. Is the face of Mr. Zapatero, a person untrustworthy, capable of betrat his best friends of his values (does he have some?) in order to continue being the Spanish president. President of what Spain?

The same speech, the same lack of talent

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Saturday, 19th of July. After the judgement of the Spanish Supreme Court regarding the terrorists attakcs of 11-M in Madrid, the socialists, the PSOE leaders, are insisting on attacking the PP. I have listening today to Mr. Chaves (President of the PSOE) declarations saying that the PP “does not respect the Constitutional State” because is still adopting a position different that of the PSOE with regard to the 11-M terrorist attacks. Well… Maybe is the PSOE, maybe are the socialists, that in its governments used the GAL to combat ETA, that was a real botched job, maybe them can give to the PP lessons about respecting the Constitutional State. Maybe them, who violated the day of reflection (on which nobody can do politics) on 13-March (2.004), can give lessons to the PP about respecting the rules. Maybe them, who initiated the real civil war in 1.934, with the october attempt of a coup d’état, together with the leftists and the nationalists. So, before talking about this, Mr. Chaves would better to take account of the different problems of Andalusia, the Autonomic Region he governs, and take it, indeed and not in a propaganda sense, to the forefront of the economic growth and the progress, and not to turn it into a farmhouse of subsidies and favors.

The attacks of the PSOE to the PP regarding this judgement are a clear attempt of hide the truth. While Mr. Zapatero called to the Spanish media on the 11-M, on 2.004, saying that there was not ETA, but the islamists nd Al-Qaeda, the Supreme Court said, specifically, that there is no evidence of Al-Qaeda involvement on those attacks. Who is lying? Who has something to hide? Clearly, the socialists.

More… Mrs. Pajín, the new Organization Secretary of the PSOE, did some declarations today very in agreement with her thirty and so springs. She said today that the recipe to confront the Spanish economic crisis is to be together with retired and scholars. Well, the first joke to come to my mind is with regard to the hate the socialists are having against Mr. Bush; that is maybe because they like the scholars, because they have nostalgia of Mr. Clinton… Now, more seriously, those words, as usual on the leftists, and more in particular on the PSOE leaders, are a lie. Let me give an example: the only economic measure of Mr. Zapatero was to give 400 euro to the Spanish workers… that have an income higher that a specific level, and that measure is not applicable specifically to retired and scholars. Mrs. Pajín… Who are you trying to cheat?

Also, Mr. Pajín, in the summit of her lack of talent, said that what the PSOE is not going to do is to cut rights to the Spanish. Who did it before on Spain? Please, specify, and do not speak on a very general way. Who did it? I would take you as liar or cunning while you do not specify where and when, and who, did it before.

What we are seeing is a clear attempt of turn the attention aside to the Spanish economic crisis with the same ghosts of ever (Mr. Chaves), and with empty words (Mrs. Pajín). With the same speech. But with the same lack of talent. Talent and mien. Liars.

And now… what?

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Today was made public the judgement of the Supreme Court regarding the trial of the terrorists attacks on Madrid, on 11-M (eleventh of March). The importance of that judgement is huge, althought everyone tells the story according to their interests.

The vice-president of the Spanish government, Mrs. De la Vega, praised today judgement and also the serious and conscientious process of instruction carried out. Well, interesting. In its judgement, the Supreme Court criticizes critical aspects for the investigations, such as the scrapping of the trains. Also, the judgement absolves some of the initially condemned by the first court. Where are the seriousness and conscientiousness when critical proofs on the investigation are allowed to be destroyed, or when the Supreme Court has to absolve some of the initially condemned?

The judgement leaves with no author of the attacks. None. Who did it? Who organized it? It is stupid to think that four or five people (some of them, according with witnesses, were seen in the same time in different locations), that are dead, are the real authors of the attacks. It is like condemning to someone that cannot defend himself.

It is only to look to the digital leftist newspaper to understand that they, as the Spanish government, want to close this affair as soon as possible. The “conspiration theory” is ended, and also the “crime union”, according to Mr. Ibarra, former president of the Extremadura Autonomic Region, has been defeated and ended by Mr. Rajoy. But not the truth. The leftists, the socialists, and the related judges and media, can say whatever they want to say, but the wounds on the victims are still opened, and this judgement, as can be seen, does not heal them. It is a clear attempt to bury with sleepy sand something that is in the Spanish history.

Well… Now what? Is this all? Is this all that you, socialists, leftists, related judges and media can offer to the Spanish society with regard to the 11-M attacks? This is all? Who really did it? Who really organized it? Who really helped who did it?

This is all, the same of the boric acid? Is this all? If this is all, it is so poor!… It is the same that saying that the boric acid is used to kill cockroaches (Mr. José Blanco’s blog). Well, the boric acid is also used to eliminate the smell of the feet. It is this you want to eliminate, the smell of the feet? The feet of whom? Of those who were killed that day? Or are you referring to others? Or… maybe… are you calling cockroaches to someone specifically? Please specify.